Battery-Operated Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Digital Display

carbon monoxide alarm with digital display

More than three hundred people die from carbon monoxide poisoning every year. Most of these deaths can easily be prevented by installing carbon dioxide detectors in our places of stay. The best detectors are effective in detecting the presence of the gas and alerting people to take the necessary measures in time.

The detector should be properly installed for it to function as required. Now, the big question remains to be, which is the most reliable carbon monoxide detector? There are many detectors in the market today, but the Kidde KN-COPP-B-LPM Carbon Monoxide Detector stands out from the crowd.

The Kidde KN-COPP-B-LPM Carbon Monoxide Detector is the No.1 best seller in the world of carbon monoxide detectors. The detector has a large digital screen that shows CO concentration. The display on the screen is easy to read and understand.

You can even read it in the dark. With a peak-level memory, the detector allows you to know the highest and lowest concentrations of CO recorded in a certain period of time. The detector is operated by batteries and comes with 3 AA batteries. The white-colored detector measures 4.5 x 1.5 x 2.8 in and weighs 1 lb, 1 pack. The detector has a lifetime of 10 years and comes with a limited warranty of the same number of years.

So, how do you properly install the carbon monoxide detector? Well, start by choosing the best location. It’s recommended to install the detector on the ceiling or high on the wall away from doors and windows.

The best places to place the detector include: sleeping rooms, hallways and heating rooms. These places should always be kept clean and out of the reach of unauthorized people or pets.

After finding the best location, mark and drill holes then attach bracket to the surface. Use screws to mount the whole detector onto the bracket and test it. It’s important to regularly check the batteries and the detecting chemical to ensure they are working properly.

Source: Advice about CO Gas

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